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We’re constantly coming up with new batches, so it’s good to ask “what’s new”? If you can’t make a decision, perhaps try the sampler!


Double IPA with just enough hop bitterness to balance the massive dry hop additions of Amarillo and Citra hops. Notes of stone and tropical fruits.

Widthwise Ale Double IPA 9% ABV

Intensely dry hopped double IPA featuring the best Yakima Valley hops. Hop bursting at flame out helps contribute hop flavor instead of hop bitterness and adds tropical and passion fruit overtones.

Zeus Imperial IPA 9.5 – 10% ABV

Mainly 2-row barley with a touch of 40L crystal malt. Zeus hops in the kettle and intense dry hopping with Citra hops in both the fermenter and bright beer tank imparts citrus and tropical fruit overtones.

Centennial Ale 6.5% ABV

There ís nothing traditional about this traditional Indian Pale Ale. Amber in color with an INTENSE maltiness perfectly balanced with a spicy hop flavor. Carefully dry hopped at the end of its fermentation cycle with Centennial Hops. The ALE that cures all that ALES you!!!

Blueberry Kettle Sour Ale

The first in our Kettle Sour Series, this Blueberry Sour is wall to wall full of Blueberry juice. We add the juicy goodness near the end of fermentation for a fruity and funky taste sensation. Awkward and Weird just like you. 5.4 ABV

Pomegranate Kettle Sour Ale

The third in our Kettle Sour Series, this Pomegranate Sour is packed full of Pomegranate juice. We add the juicy goodness near the end of fermentation for a fruity and funky taste sensation. Awkward and Weird just like you. 5.4 ABV

Hiccup Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

Hop Slip Lager 4.6% ABV

Hop Slip is a hoppy pilsner fermented with a traditional German style lager yeast and dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Featuring floral aromatics with abundant hop flavor and appropriate hop bitterness. We hope you enjoy this hoppy pils as much as we do.

Grapefruit Zeus 9.7%

Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops and fermented with grapefruit for a little pucker factor.


Also known as Zeus on Oak, this smoky flavored brew is aged several months in recently emptied bourbon whiskey barrels from Heaven Hill Distilleries.

Coffee Stout 7% ABV

Featuring Lengthwise fresh dark roasted (on-site) coffee. Perfect balance of malt, coffee and hops.

Cerveza de Lengthwise – 4.6%

Mexican Style Lager is refreshing as the day is long.

Imperial Stout (Seasonal) 11.6 ABV

Boasting high alcohol & plenty of malt character. Fresh roasted Lengthwise coffee added to the Mash. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate, coffee and burnt malt flavors.

Citra * Simcoe Centennial Ale 6.5% ABV

A double dry hopped ale. We add an extra dose of Citra and Amarillo dry hops to our Centennial Ale for an super hoppy experience!

Lengthwiser Golden Ale 5% ABV

Pure 100% Two-Row brewers malt. A smooth filtered ale with very subtle hop bitterness. Light, Clean, and Refreshing. A perfect solution for those long HOT Bakersfield summer days!

Razzberry Wheat 5% ABV

An unfiltered, lightly flavored raspberry wheat ale. Enjoy the same specially blended yeast as our own Harvest Moon Wheat. And we all know, chicks dig scars, the long ball and Double ZZ!!!

Harvest Moon Wheat Ale 5% ABV

Specially brewed with a select combination of white malted wheat and Two-Row brewers malt. The clove and banana overtones are a product of our own Lengthwise blended yeast. For that added SNAP, served with a lemon wedge.

Triple Hop Red Ale 5.6% ABV

The 120-lovibond crystal malt results in a deep reddish hue and a hop balanced sweetness. Hopped with three different hand picked Pacific Northwest Hop varieties. 5.6% ABV

Irish Red Ale(seasonal) 6.5-7.5% ABV

Deep red hue from the use of 120L crystal malt. Columbus kettle hops and dry hopped with Cascade and Zeus hops.

Cowbell Pale Ale 5.2% ABV

Crisp full-bodied brewed with Pilsner and Victory malt and dry-hopped.

Czech Pilsner 4.9%

Great tasting lager featuring Pilsner malt, Czech Saaz hops and fermented with a Czech lager yeast strain.

Oktoberfest (seasonal) 6.5% ABV

Pours a dark honey color with a light tan head. Taste is malty and deep notes of toasted bread crust and nutty toffee dominate the aroma.

Blonde Ale 5.2% ABV

Blended at the taps. 90% Golden Ale with a topper of Red Ale.

Goat Nut 5.3% ABV

Blended before your very eyes at the taps! 50/50 Triple Hop and Harvest Wheat.